Buying a house

We follow a strict work plan to make the purchase of your new home as good as possible.
We can summarize this in three points:

Step 1 – Maximum mortgage 

In order to evaluate your mortgage possibilities we need the following documents:
– payslips from the recent two months
– income declaration – werkgeversverklaring
– copy of your passport

-3 recent years of annual statements

– Employment contract

On the basis of these documents we can request evaluation of your mortgage possibilities and find out what kind of property you are able to purchase.

While planning on buying a property it is essential to take into consideration your new monthly costs. In addition to that, you need to remember to inform the advisor about any loans/credits which you are still paying off. As a result, the advisor can estimate precisely your mortgage possibilities.

Step 2 – Choose your property
Santos Makelaardij takes responsibility for the guidance in the choice of your future property. We conduct a research, which covers several aspects:

–       The neighbourhood of the new property. We research the accessibility of various facilities, such as: doctors, hospitals, schools, fire departments, public transport, green zones, etc. We even go as far as comparing the prices in different supermarkets in the district

–       The price of the chosen property we compare with the prices of other estates in a given area. As follows we make sure you are prepared for the negotiation of the price

–       We go several times to see the property, especially in the daytime so you can see well the condition of the house

–       We check rooms measurements and the best way to use them

–       Evaluation of technical condition of a property. A qualified home inspector can be sent to determine the condition of a structure. They look for improper building practices, items that require repairs and are general maintenance issues. Fire and safety issues are being controlled as well. For more information about this click here (

–       We inspect the quality of water-, gas- and electrical installations together with different materials, such as: floor coverings, doors, windows, tiles, switches and sockets, door locks, walls, elevators, etc.

–       We check how is the managing company operating and whether there are future plans for renovations, etc. Additionally, we go through all available documentation to make sure everything is taken care of.

–       We inspect Energy Performance Certificate for a given property. You can find more information here (

–       We will have an appraiser set a value upon the property

–       We negotiate the price

–       We prepare a preliminary real estate contract

–       We will assist you in the whole legal process: beginning with the controlling/ preparing a preliminary contract up to signing the title deed at a notary public

–       We guarantee our service after the sale
Step 3 – Signing the title deed

At the time of signing the title deed the agreed amount of money is being financed by a bank. In this way the buyer pays the seller for the property and some of the other costs connected with the purchase of a property.

Our service does not stop here. Our work ethic and professional pride compel us to always assist our customers. As a Santos Makelaardij customer you can count on us before as well as after the sale to support you in everything related with your new home.